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1 . What is Opti power motor?
Opti-power is a brand name given to High Performance class of Energy Efficient motors.This is equivalent to IEEMA Standard Energy Efficient class of Eff-1 .
2 . What is the Pay back period of Opti-Power motors?
It is approximately 12 months or lower. It depends upon various factors like motor rating, motor utilization, load on motor and per unit cost of electricity.
3 . To which Indian standard does the motor conform?
Our motors conform to IS 325, 1996. Special motors that are designed to meet customer’s special requirements may make it necessary to deviate from certain clauses of the standard.
4 . Why the circular ribs are provided on your Ring Frame motors?
The circular design allows dust, cotton fluffs and other materials to slip off the surface of the motor body. They easily fall down. Hence, it is a Self-Cleaning type of design. The cotton fluff, if deposited on a motor body, can hamper motor cooling and is also a potential fire hazard.
5 . Whether the motors are suitable for unbalanced supply voltage operation?
Yes, as long as the voltage unbalance is maintained with in the limits specified in IS 325, 1996.
6 . Are your motors suitable for operation through inverters?
Yes, however this should be specified while placing the order.
7 . Do you manufacture class H insulated motors?
We make motors using class F insulations. We can also make class H insulated motors, if required, subject to economical order quantity.
8 . What is the overload capacity of your motors?
The overload capacity is as per IS 325 1996.
9 . Can you offer motors for ambient temperature below 0 deg.-C?
Yes, motors can be offered for lower ambient temperature by providing suitable grease.
10 . Do you under take any development of special motors?
Yes, provided the quantity is economical.
11 . What are the types of lubricants to be used for the motor bearings?
LCG – 2, SERVO PLEX LC – 2, ALBIDA EP 2. Please also refer the nameplate fixed on the motor for the greasing instructions.
12 . What is the type of paint used on your motor?
We are using acrylic paints for our motors. However, special paints such as Epoxies can be provided on request at extra price.
13 . What is the vibration & Noise level of your motors?
They are as per relevant Indian Standard IS 12075 and IS 12065.
14 . What does the term service factor mean?
Service factor is defined as the sustained over load over and above the motor nameplate rating which will alter the steady state temperature of the motor.
15 . In case of service factor condition, can the temp rise limits be increased?
Yes, NEMA (National Electrical Manufacture Association, USA) standard permits 10 Deg. C more than the allowable temperature rise for the corresponding class of Insulation.
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