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Lakshmi Electrical Drives Private Limited, incorporated in the year 1983, is based at Coimbatore, the Textile City in South India.
Lakshmi Electrical Drives Private Limited belongs to LMW group of companies.
Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LMW) is a leading manufacturer of entire range of textile spinning machineries.
We are approved supplier of motors to Lakshmi Machine Works Limited for their entire product range from Blow-room to Ring Spinning.
We specialize in manufacturing of motors having application in the textile industry. We make Energy Efficient motors and High Performance class of Energy Efficient motors. Our motors achieve the highest ever-reached efficiency in its class. These motors consume relatively less power to give the same output as compared to standard industrial motors. They help in conservation of energy, which is at premium in our country.
Our prompt and reliable service back up has earned customer spread across the world.
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