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Essential Features of the Service Logistic Scheme :
Standby Motors
We provide standby motor facility to the customers. In the event of a motor failing in the mills,the standby motor will be couriered to the mills and replaced till the failed motor is rectified and sent back to the mills.
Mills in Northern Region
For our Customer mills in the northern region, this service is being offered from our logistic centre located in Ghaziabad.
Mills in Southern Region
Similarly, for the customers in the South region, the same service will be provided from Coimbatore itself.
Motors covered under warranty
Service Logistics : free of cost
Repair Charges : free of cost
Motors beyond warranty
Service Logistics : On payment of nominal fees to cover the transportation costs
Repair Charges : Actual Cost basis
Motors for Longer Duration
Motor shaft rotation to be ensured by hand before start the machine.
Motor must be regreased as per recommendation given in Instruction manual/ lubrication instruction name plate fixed on the terminal box before restarting the machines.
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